Smashing the Brainblocks:

How to build your dreams one action at a time

In a playful, funny, and fascinating presentation neuropsychologist Theo Tsaousides reveals the brain science that differentiates dreamers from achievers.  In a nutshell?  Dreamers talk about the things they want to do, achievers get them done.   Which would you rather be?  Theo will go over what he calls the 7 habits of highly ineffective people, and will show you how you can free yourself from these dream-killing barriers.  You will build confidence, boost your creativity, and pave your way into the league of extraordinary achievers.

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heroic public speaking + TEDxCambridge

Theo Tsaousides is a Heroic Public Speaking performance faculty member who helps academics translate their work in a way that others can understand and share. Heroic Public Speaking became the official coaching partner for TEDxCambridge: one of the oldest, most respected, and largest TEDx events in the world.

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