Combining work and play, art and science, reason and passion, these workshops are designed to give you tools and strategies to help you lead, empower, and engage.

When Strategy Meets Creativity:

A Workshop in Creative Problem Solving

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Based on brain science and designed for high performers, this workshop will show you how to combine left-brain logic with right-brain creativity to supercharge your implementation.  You will learn how to find innovative solutions to persistent problems, take actions that have purpose and impact, and support, influence, and inspire others.  Consider this workshop brain-training on your feet on steroids!

How to Build the Life You Want: A Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Emotions influence the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the goals we pursue.  Understanding the mechanics of emotions is critical for maintaining a healthy mindset, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy workplace.  In this workshop you will learn how to sustain high levels of energy and motivation, identify and deal with people, events, and environments that cause stress and inefficiency, and leverage your emotions to reach your goals.

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The workshops are customizable for your company or organization, to ensure that they meet your needs and provide an exceptional experience for your team.

To find out more and create the right program for you, let's connect.