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The goal of psychotherapy is to improve your self-awareness, teach you skills, and provide emotional support so that you are able to handle challenges, make better decisions, form stronger relationships, and live a more fulfilling life.  The length of psychotherapy can range from one to several sessions depending on your needs.  Meetings are usually scheduled once a week, and more or less frequently, depending on preference and necessity.

Brain Training

Formally called cognitive rehabilitation, and based on principles of neuroplasticity, brain training consists of a combination of exercises and strategies designed to sharpen your focus, boost your creativity, and increase your mental efficiency.  Brain training can help you defeat procrastination, conquer your self-defeating habits, increase your productivity, and find  peace of mind.

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Neuropsychological Assessment

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A series of tests that range from simple questions to complex hands-on tasks designed to: (a) assess how optimally your brain is functioning; (b) evaluate the extent to which problems with your brain function, including your cognition (e.g., attention, memory), emotional functioning (e.g., anxiety, depression), and behavioral adjustment (e.g., angry outbursts, withdrawal, lack of motivation) are blocking you from being able to accomplish your personal and professional goals; and (c) explore what might be causing these problems.  The results of the neuropsychological assessment can give you answers to questions and concerns you have about your mental well-being and it can provide useful information to plan the best treatment approach. 

Clinical Consultation/Supervision

Available to healthcare professionals, to help gain insight on issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of brain injury, management of emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety, and strategies for successful transitions to academic and professional settings.  Medico-legal consultation to clarify the nature, extent, and consequences of brain injury is also available. 

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