How often do you get struck with brilliant ideas about how to make your life better?

How often are you filled with energy and hope to change old, counterproductive habits and replace them with new, constructive habits, guaranteed to put an end to the stress your current life creates?

How many times do you feel ready to make that important decision that will change your life drastically?

And how often do you find yourself stuck in the same place, doing nothing, but mulling over familiar thoughts and unpleasant emotions, reflecting back on the lost moment, the missed opportunity, your bright future that just keeps slipping away?

Action is the main ingredient of success.

Whether your goal is to build a successful business, write a book, save the world, or build your dream home and retire, the only way to get there is by doing.  Unless you take action, you will achieve none of your goals. Without action there is no success.

Your actions are influenced by many factors.  What you choose to focus on, how fast you learn, how you interpret your feelings, how resistant your bad habits are, how you make sense of the world, and even how well you use you calendar or your workspace, can influence, increase or diminish the effectiveness of your actions.

The actions you take today determine the future you build tomorrow. 

And the actions you take are controlled by you.  Not by your genes, not by your personality, not by your past, not by your amygdala.  By you.

My role is to show you how to take actions that have purpose and impact and bring you results that last.

Using evidence-based methods and people-tested practices from psychology, neuroscience, and brain-training, my goal is to help you break through the mental walls that are keeping you stuck, scared, and stressed. 

Through a combination of learning, sharing, and implementing you will be able to understand yourself better and to make lasting changes that bring you the results you want.